Coupling of elastic and plastic deformations of bulk solids

TitleCoupling of elastic and plastic deformations of bulk solids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsT Hueckel
Start Page227
Pagination227 - 235
Date Published12/1976

In such solids like rocks, soils, ceramics, grain en masse the plastic deformation strongly aects the current unloading modulus. The consequences of this effect referred to as the elastoplastic coupling both to the elastic and the plastic part of the constitutive law are examined. Particularly, it appears that such phenomenon induces a specific kind of the non-normality in the plastic flow law. The departure from the normality is studied in connection with the form of the elastic modulus variation basing on the notion of a coupling potential. © 1977 Masson Italia Editori.

Short TitleMeccanica